t.w.i.p.PBAccount(basesupport.AbstractAccount) : class documentation

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Implements interfaces: twisted.words.im.interfaces.IAccount

No class docstring
Method __init__
Method logOn
Method _startLogOn Start the sign on process.
Method _cbConnected Undocumented
Method _cbIdent Undocumented
Method _ebConnected Undocumented

Inherited from AbstractAccount:

Method upgrateToVersion2 Undocumented
Method __getstate__ Get state, adding a version number to it on its way out.
Method isOnline Undocumented
Method getGroup Group factory.
Method getPerson Person factory.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method _cb_logOn Undocumented
Method _loginFailed Errorback for logOn.
Method _clientLost Undocumented

Inherited from Versioned (via AbstractAccount):

Method __setstate__ Undocumented
Method versionUpgrade (internal) Do a version upgrade.
def __init__(self, accountName, autoLogin, username, password, host, port, services=None): (source)
ParametersusernameThe name of your PB Identity. (type: string )
def logOn(self, chatui): (source)
Returnsthis breaks with interfaces.IAccount (type: DeferredList of interfaces.IClients )
def _startLogOn(self, chatui): (source)

Start the sign on process.

Factored out of logOn.
Returns (type: Deferred interfaces.IClient )
def _cbConnected(self, root, chatui): (source)
def _cbIdent(self, ident, chatui): (source)
def _ebConnected(self, error): (source)
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