t.w.i.t.TOCGroup(basesupport.AbstractGroup) : class documentation

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Implements interfaces: twisted.words.im.interfaces.IGroup

Method __init__ Initialize me.
Method sendGroupMessage Send a message to this group.
Method leave Depart this group.

Inherited from AbstractGroup:

Method getGroupCommands finds group commands
Method getTargetCommands finds group commands
Method join Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method __str__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, name, tocAccount): (source)
Initialize me.
ParametersnameMy name, as the server knows me. (type: str )
accountThe account I am accessed through. (type: Account )
def sendGroupMessage(self, text, meta=None): (source)
Send a message to this group.
Parameterstext (type: str )
metadataValid keys for this dictionary include:
  • 'style': associated with one of:
    • 'emote': indicates this is an action
(type: dict )
def leave(self): (source)
Depart this group.
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