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Initializes an XmlStream connecting to an XMPP server as a Client.

This authenticator performs the initialization steps needed to start exchanging XML stanzas with an XMPP server as an XMPP client. It checks if the server advertises XML stream version 1.0, negotiates TLS (when available), performs SASL authentication, binds a resource and establishes a session.

Upon successful stream initialization, the xmlstream.STREAM_AUTHD_EVENT event will be dispatched through the XML stream object. Otherwise, the xmlstream.INIT_FAILED_EVENT event will be dispatched with a failure object.

After inspection of the failure, initialization can then be restarted by calling initializeStream. For example, in case of authentication failure, a user may be given the opportunity to input the correct password. By setting the password instance variable and restarting initialization, the stream authentication step is then retried, and subsequent steps are performed if succesful.
Instance VariablesjidJabber ID to authenticate with. This may contain a resource part, as a suggestion to the server for resource binding. A server may override this, though. If the resource part is left off, the server will generate a unique resource identifier. The server will always return the full Jabber ID in the resource binding step, and this is stored in this instance variable. (type: jid.JID )
passwordpassword to be used during SASL authentication. (type: unicode )
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method associateWithStream Register with the XML stream.

Inherited from ConnectAuthenticator:

Method connectionMade Called by the XmlStream when the underlying socket connection is in place.
Method initializeStream Perform stream initialization procedures.
Method streamStarted Called by the XmlStream when the stream has started.
def __init__(self, jid, password): (source)
def associateWithStream(self, xs): (source)

Register with the XML stream.

Populates stream's list of initializers, along with their requiredness. This list is used by ConnectAuthenticator.initializeStream to perform the initalization steps.
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