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Business logic representing a managed component connection to a Jabber router.

This service maintains a single connection to a Jabber router and provides facilities for packet routing and transmission. Business logic modules are services implementing ijabber.IService (like subclasses of Service), and added as sub-service.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method getFactory Undocumented
Method send Send data over the XML stream.
Method _connected Undocumented
Method _authd Undocumented
Method _disconnected Undocumented

Inherited from MultiService:

Method privilegedStartService Do preparation work for starting the service.
Method startService Start the service.
Method stopService Stop the service.
Method getServiceNamed Get the child service with a given name.
Method __iter__ Get an iterator over all child services.
Method addService Add a child service.
Method removeService Remove a child service.

Inherited from Service (via MultiService):

Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method setName Set the name of the service.
Method setServiceParent Set the parent of the service.
Method disownServiceParent Use this API to remove an IService from an IServiceCollection.
def __init__(self, jid, password): (source)
def getFactory(self): (source)
def _connected(self, xs): (source)
def _authd(self, xs): (source)
def _disconnected(self, _): (source)
def send(self, obj): (source)

Send data over the XML stream.

When there is no established XML stream, the data is queued and sent out when a new XML stream has been established and initialized.
Parametersobjdata to be sent over the XML stream. This is usually an object providing domish.IElement, or serialized XML. See xmlstream.XmlStream for details.
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