t.w.p.j.e.BaseError(Exception) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: twisted.words.protocols.jabber.error.StanzaError, twisted.words.protocols.jabber.error.StreamError

Base class for XMPP error exceptions.
Instance VariablesconditionThe error condition. The valid values are defined by subclasses of BaseError.
textOptional text message to supplement the condition or application specific condition. (type: unicode )
textLangIdentifier of the language used for the message in text. Values are as described in RFC 3066. (type: str )
appConditionApplication specific condition element, supplementing the error condition in condition. (type: object providing domish.IElement. )
Class VariablesnamespaceThe namespace of the error element generated by getElement. (type: str )
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __str__ Undocumented
Method getElement Get XML representation from self.
def __init__(self, condition, text=None, textLang=None, appCondition=None): (source)
def __str__(self): (source)
def getElement(self): (source)

Get XML representation from self.

The method creates an domish representation of the error data contained in this exception.
Returns (type: domish.Element )
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