t.w.s.PBGroupReference(pb.RemoteReference) : class documentation

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Implements interfaces: twisted.words.iwords.IGroup

Method unjellyFor Unjelly myself for the jellier.
Method leave Undocumented
Method send Undocumented

Inherited from RemoteReference:

Method __init__ (internal) Initialize me with a broker and a locally-unique ID.
Method notifyOnDisconnect Register a callback to be called if our broker gets disconnected.
Method dontNotifyOnDisconnect Remove a callback that was registered with notifyOnDisconnect.
Method jellyFor If I am being sent back to where I came from, serialize as a local backreference.
Method callRemote Asynchronously invoke a remote method.
Method remoteMethod Get a RemoteMethod for this key.
Method __cmp__ Compare me [to another RemoteReference].
Method __hash__ Hash me.
Method __del__ Do distributed reference counting on finalization.
Method _disconnected Called if we are disconnected and have callbacks registered.

Inherited from Ephemeral (via RemoteReference):

Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method __setstate__ Undocumented
def unjellyFor(self, unjellier, unjellyList): (source)
Unjelly myself for the jellier.
ParametersjellierA stateful object which exists for the lifetime of a single call to unjelly.
jellyListThe list which represents the jellied state of the object to be unjellied.
ReturnsThe object which results from unjellying.
def leave(self, reason=None): (source)
def send(self, message): (source)
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