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Support for aliases(5) configuration files
AuthorJp Calderone


   Monitor files for reparsing
   Handle non-local alias targets
   Handle maildir alias targets
Function handle Undocumented
Function loadAliasFile Load a file containing email aliases.
Interface IAlias Undocumented
Class AliasBase Undocumented
Class AddressAlias The simplest alias, translating one email address into another.
Class FileWrapper Undocumented
Class FileAlias Undocumented
Class ProcessAliasTimeout A timeout occurred while processing aliases.
Class MessageWrapper A message receiver which delivers content to a child process.
Class ProcessAliasProtocol Trivial process protocol which will callback a Deferred when the associated process ends.
Class ProcessAlias An alias which is handled by the execution of a particular program.
Class MultiWrapper Wrapper to deliver a single message to multiple recipients.
Class AliasGroup An alias which points to more than one recipient.
def handle(result, line, filename, lineNo): (source)
def loadAliasFile(domains, filename=None, fp=None): (source)
Load a file containing email aliases.

Lines in the file should be formatted like so:

   username: alias1,alias2,...,aliasN

Aliases beginning with a | will be treated as programs, will be run, and the message will be written to their stdin.

Aliases without a host part will be assumed to be addresses on localhost.

If a username is specified multiple times, the aliases for each are joined together as if they had all been on one line.

ParametersdomainsThe domains to which these aliases will belong. (type: dict of implementor of IDomain)
filenameThe filename from which to load aliases. (type: str)
fpIf specified, overrides filename, and aliases are read from it. (type: Any file-like object.)
ReturnsA dictionary mapping usernames to AliasGroup objects. (type: dict)
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