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Infrastructure for relaying mail through smart host

Today, internet e-mail has stopped being Peer-to-peer for many problems, spam (unsolicited bulk mail) among them. Instead, most nodes on the internet send all e-mail to a single computer, usually the ISP's though sometimes other schemes, such as SMTP-after-POP, are used. This computer is supposedly permanently up and traceable, and will do the work of figuring out MXs and connecting to them. This kind of configuration is usually termed "smart host", since the host we are connecting to is "smart" (and will find MXs and connect to them) rather then just accepting mail for a small set of domains.

The classes here are meant to facilitate support for such a configuration for the twisted.mail SMTP server

Class ManagedRelayerMixin SMTP Relayer which notifies a manager
Class SMTPManagedRelayer No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class ESMTPManagedRelayer No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class SMTPManagedRelayerFactory No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class ESMTPManagedRelayerFactory Undocumented
Class Queue A queue of ougoing emails.
Class SmartHostSMTPRelayingManager Manage SMTP Relayers
Class SmartHostESMTPRelayingManager Undocumented
Function RelayStateHelper Undocumented
Class CanonicalNameLoop When trying to look up the MX record for a host, a set of CNAME records was found which form a cycle and resolution was abandoned.
Class CanonicalNameChainTooLong When trying to look up the MX record for a host, too many CNAME records which point to other CNAME records were encountered and resolution was abandoned.
Class MXCalculator A utility for looking up mail exchange hosts and tracking whether they are working or not.
Class _AttemptManager Manage the state of a single attempt to flush the relay queue.
Function _checkState Undocumented
def _checkState(manager): (source)
def RelayStateHelper(manager, delay): (source)
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