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Resource limiting policies.
See AlsoSee also twisted.protocols.htb for rate limiting.
Class ProtocolWrapper Wraps protocol instances and acts as their transport as well.
Class WrappingFactory Wraps a factory and its protocols, and keeps track of them.
Class ThrottlingProtocol Protocol for ThrottlingFactory.
Class ThrottlingFactory Throttles bandwidth and number of connections.
Class SpewingProtocol Undocumented
Class SpewingFactory Undocumented
Class LimitConnectionsByPeer Undocumented
Class LimitTotalConnectionsFactory Factory that limits the number of simultaneous connections.
Class TimeoutProtocol Protocol that automatically disconnects when the connection is idle.
Class TimeoutFactory Factory for TimeoutWrapper.
Class TrafficLoggingProtocol No class docstring; 1/9 methods documented
Class TrafficLoggingFactory No class docstring; 1/4 methods documented
Class TimeoutMixin Mixin for protocols which wish to timeout connections.
Function _wrappedLogPrefix Compute a log prefix for a wrapper and the object it wraps.
def _wrappedLogPrefix(wrapper, wrapped): (source)
Compute a log prefix for a wrapper and the object it wraps.
Returns (type: str)
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