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Session Initialization Protocol.

Documented in RFC 2543. [Superceded by 3261]

This module contains a deprecated implementation of HTTP Digest authentication. See twisted.cred.credentials and twisted.cred._digest for its new home.

Function dashCapitalize Capitalize a string, making sure to treat - as a word seperator
Function unq Undocumented
Function DigestCalcHA1 Undocumented
Function DigestCalcResponse Undocumented
Class Via A Via is a SIP Via header, representing a segment of the path taken by the request.
Function parseViaHeader Parse a Via header.
Function parseURL Return string into URL object.
Function cleanRequestURL Clean a URL from a Request line.
Function parseAddress Return (name, uri, params) for From/To/Contact header.
Class SIPError Undocumented
Class RegistrationError Registration was not possible.
Class Message A SIP message.
Class Request A Request for a URI
Class Response A Response to a URI Request
Class MessagesParser A SIP messages parser.
Class Base Base class for SIP clients and servers.
Interface IContact A user of a registrar or proxy
Class Registration Undocumented
Interface IRegistry Allows registration of logical->physical URL mapping.
Interface ILocator Allow looking up physical address for logical URL.
Class Proxy SIP proxy.
Interface IAuthorizer No interface docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class BasicAuthorizer Authorizer for insecure Basic (base64-encoded plaintext) authentication.
Class DigestedCredentials Yet Another Simple Digest-MD5 authentication scheme
Class DigestAuthorizer Undocumented
Class RegisterProxy A proxy that allows registration for a specific domain.
Class InMemoryRegistry A simplistic registry for a specific domain.
def dashCapitalize(s): (source)
Capitalize a string, making sure to treat - as a word seperator
def unq(s): (source)
def DigestCalcHA1(pszAlg, pszUserName, pszRealm, pszPassword, pszNonce, pszCNonce): (source)
def DigestCalcResponse(HA1, pszNonce, pszNonceCount, pszCNonce, pszQop, pszMethod, pszDigestUri, pszHEntity): (source)
def parseViaHeader(value): (source)
Parse a Via header.
ReturnsThe parsed version of this header. (type: Via)
def parseURL(url, host=None, port=None): (source)
Return string into URL object.

URIs are of of form 'sip:user@example.com'.

def cleanRequestURL(url): (source)
Clean a URL from a Request line.
def parseAddress(address, host=None, port=None, clean=0): (source)
Return (name, uri, params) for From/To/Contact header.
Parameterscleanremove unnecessary info, usually for From and To headers.
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