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Reactor-based Services

Here are services to run clients, servers and periodic services using the reactor.

If you want to run a server service, StreamServerEndpointService defines a service that can wrap an arbitrary IStreamServerEndpoint as an IService. See also twisted.application.strports.service for constructing one of these directly from a descriptive string.

Additionally, this module (dynamically) defines various Service subclasses that let you represent clients and servers in a Service hierarchy. Endpoints APIs should be preferred for stream server services, but since those APIs do not yet exist for clients or datagram services, many of these are still useful.

They are as follows:

 TCPServer, TCPClient,
 UNIXServer, UNIXClient,
 SSLServer, SSLClient,
 UNIXDatagramServer, UNIXDatagramClient,

These classes take arbitrary arguments in their constructors and pass them straight on to their respective reactor.listenXXX or reactor.connectXXX calls.

For example, the following service starts a web server on port 8080: TCPServer(8080, server.Site(r)). See the documentation for the reactor.listen/connect* methods for more information.

Class TimerService Service to periodically call a function
Class CooperatorService Simple service.IService which starts and stops a twisted.internet.task.Cooperator.
Class StreamServerEndpointService A StreamServerEndpointService is an IService which runs a server on a listening port described by an IStreamServerEndpoint.
Function _maybeGlobalReactor
Class _VolatileDataService Undocumented
Class _AbstractServer
Class _AbstractClient
def _maybeGlobalReactor(maybeReactor): (source)
Returnsthe argument, or the global reactor if the argument is None.
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