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Known implementations: twisted.internet.win32eventreactor._ThreadedWin32EventsMixin, twisted.internet.win32eventreactor.Win32Reactor

Win32 Event API methods
Present Since10.2
Method addEvent Add a new win32 event to the event loop.
Method removeEvent Remove an event.
def addEvent(event, fd, action): (source)
Add a new win32 event to the event loop.
Parameterseventa Win32 event object created using win32event.CreateEvent()
fdan instance of twisted.internet.abstract.FileDescriptor
actiona string that is a method name of the fd instance. This method is called in response to the event.
def removeEvent(event): (source)
Remove an event.
Parameterseventa Win32 event object added using IReactorWin32Events.addEvent
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