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I am an SSL client.
Method __init__
Method _connectDone This is a hook for when a connection attempt has succeeded.

Inherited from _BaseTCPClient (via Client):

Instance Variable connector The Connector which is driving this _BaseTCPClient's connection attempt.
Instance Variable addr The address that this socket will be connecting to. (type: If IPv4, a 2-tuple of (str host, int port). If IPv6, a 4-tuple of (str host, int port, int ignored, int scope).)
Instance Variable createInternetSocket Subclasses must implement this as a method to create a python socket object of the appropriate address family and socket type. (type: 0-argument callable returning socket._socketobject.)
Method getHost Returns an IPv4Address or IPv6Address.
Method getPeer Returns an IPv4Address or IPv6Address.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Instance Variable _addressType The Twisted _IPAddress implementation for this client (type: IPv4Address or IPv6Address)

Inherited from BaseClient (via Client):

Instance Variable realAddress The address object that will be used for socket.connect; this address is an address tuple (the number of elements dependent upon the address family) which does not contain any names which need to be resolved. (type: tuple)
Method createInternetSocket (internal) Create a non-blocking socket using self.addressFamily, self.socketType.
Method doConnect Initiate the outgoing connection attempt.
Instance Variable _base Connection, which is the base class of this class which has all of the useful file descriptor methods. This is used by _TLSServerMixin to call the right methods to directly manipulate the transport, as is necessary for writing TLS-encrypted bytes (whereas those methods on Server will go through another layer of TLS if it has been enabled).
Method _stopReadingAndWriting Implement the POSIX-ish (i.e. twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorFDSet) method of detaching this socket from the reactor for _BaseBaseClient.
Method _collectSocketDetails Clean up references to the socket and its file descriptor.

Inherited from _BaseBaseClient (via Client, BaseClient):

Instance Variable addressFamily The address family constant (socket.AF_INET, socket.AF_INET6, socket.AF_UNIX) of the underlying socket of this client connection. (type: int)
Instance Variable socketType The socket type constant (socket.SOCK_STREAM or socket.SOCK_DGRAM) of the underlying socket. (type: int)
Instance Variable reactor The class pointed to by _commonConnection should set this attribute in its constructor. (type: twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorTime, twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorCore, twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorFDSet)
Method resolveAddress No summary
Method failIfNotConnected Generic method called when the attemps to connect failed. It basically cleans everything it can: call connectionFailed, stop read and write, delete socket related members.
Method stopConnecting If a connection attempt is still outstanding (i.e. no connection is yet established), immediately stop attempting to connect.
Method connectionLost No summary
Instance Variable _requiresResolution A flag indicating whether the address of this client will require name resolution. True if the hostname of said address indicates a name that must be resolved by hostname lookup, False if it indicates an IP address literal. (type: bool)
Class Variable _commonConnection Subclasses must provide this attribute, which indicates the Connection-alike class to invoke __init__ and connectionLost on. (type: type)
Instance Variable _closeSocket Subclasses must implement in order to close the socket in response to a terminated connection attempt. (type: 1-argument callable; see _SocketCloser._closeSocket)
Method _finishInit Called by subclasses to continue to the stage of initialization where the socket connect attempt is made.
Method _setRealAddress Set the resolved address of this _BaseBaseClient and initiate the connection attempt.

Inherited from Connection (via Client, BaseClient):

Instance Variable logstr prefix used when logging events related to this connection. (type: str)
Method getHandle Return the socket for this connection.
Method doRead Calls self.protocol.dataReceived with all available data.
Method writeSomeData Write as much as possible of the given data to this TCP connection.
Method readConnectionLost Undocumented
Method connectionLost See abstract.FileDescriptor.connectionLost().
Method logPrefix Return the prefix to log with when I own the logging thread.
Method getTcpNoDelay Undocumented
Method setTcpNoDelay Undocumented
Method getTcpKeepAlive Undocumented
Method setTcpKeepAlive Undocumented
Method _dataReceived Undocumented
Method _closeWriteConnection Undocumented

Inherited from FileDescriptor (via Client, BaseClient, Connection):

Method doWrite Called when data can be written.
Method writeConnectionLost Undocumented
Method write Reliably write some data.
Method writeSequence Reliably write a sequence of data.
Method loseConnection Close the connection at the next available opportunity.
Method loseWriteConnection Undocumented
Method stopReading Stop waiting for read availability.
Method stopWriting Stop waiting for write availability.
Method startReading Start waiting for read availability.
Method startWriting Start waiting for write availability.
Method stopConsuming Stop consuming data.
Method resumeProducing Undocumented
Method pauseProducing Undocumented
Method stopProducing Undocumented
Method fileno File Descriptor number for select().
Method _postLoseConnection Called after a loseConnection(), when all data has been written.
Method _isSendBufferFull Determine whether the user-space send buffer for this transport is full or not.
Method _maybePauseProducer Possibly pause a producer, if there is one and the send buffer is full.

Inherited from _ConsumerMixin (via Client, BaseClient, Connection, FileDescriptor):

Instance Variable producer None if no producer is registered, otherwise the registered producer.
Instance Variable producerPaused A flag indicating whether the producer is currently paused. (type: bool or int)
Instance Variable streamingProducer 0 A flag indicating whether the producer was registered as a streaming (ie push) producer or not (ie a pull producer). This will determine whether the consumer may ever need to pause and resume it, or if it can merely call resumeProducing on it when buffer space is available.
Instance Variable streamingProducer bool or int
Method registerProducer Register to receive data from a producer.
Method unregisterProducer Stop consuming data from a producer, without disconnecting.

Inherited from _LogOwner (via Client, BaseClient, Connection, FileDescriptor):

Method _getLogPrefix Determine the log prefix to use for messages related to applicationObject, which may or may not be an interfaces.ILoggingContext provider.

Inherited from _SocketCloser (via Client, BaseClient, Connection):

Method _closeSocket Undocumented

Inherited from _AbortingMixin (via Client, BaseClient, Connection):

Method abortConnection Aborts the connection immediately, dropping any buffered data.
Instance Variable _aborting Set to True when abortConnection is called. (type: bool)
def __init__(self, host, port, bindAddress, ctxFactory, connector, reactor=None): (source)
ParametersreactorAn IReactorFDSet provider which this descriptor will use to get readable and writeable event notifications. If no value is given, the global reactor will be used.
def _connectDone(self): (source)
This is a hook for when a connection attempt has succeeded.

Here, we build the protocol from the twisted.internet.protocol.ClientFactory that was passed in, compute a log string, begin reading so as to send traffic to the newly built protocol, and finally hook up the protocol itself.

This hook is overridden by ssl.Client to initiate the TLS protocol.

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