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Method __len__ Undocumented
Method get Undocumented

Inherited from InspectorNode:

Method postInit Undocumented
Method getPath Undocumented
Method __getitem__ Undocumented
Method origstr Undocumented
Method format Undocumented

Inherited from Adapter (via InspectorNode):

Class Variable temporaryAdapter If this is True, the adapter will not be persisted on the Componentized.
Class Variable multiComponent If this adapter is persistent, should it be automatically registered for all appropriate interfaces.
Method __init__ Set my 'original' attribute to be the object I am adapting.
Method __conform__ I forward __conform__ to self.original if it has it, otherwise I simply return None.
Method isuper Forward isuper to self.original
def __len__(self): (source)
def get(self, index): (source)
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