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Parser for Logitech MouseMan serial mouse protocol (compatible with Microsoft Serial Mouse).
Method down_left Undocumented
Method up_left Undocumented
Method down_middle Undocumented
Method up_middle Undocumented
Method down_right Undocumented
Method up_right Undocumented
Method move Undocumented
Method state_initial Undocumented
Method state_horiz Undocumented
Method state_vert Undocumented
Method state_maybemiddle Undocumented
Method snapshot Undocumented
Method dataReceived Called whenever data is received.

Inherited from Protocol:

Method logPrefix Return a prefix matching the class name, to identify log messages related to this protocol instance.
Method connectionLost Called when the connection is shut down.

Inherited from BaseProtocol (via Protocol):

Method makeConnection Make a connection to a transport and a server.
Method connectionMade Called when a connection is made.
def down_left(self): (source)
def up_left(self): (source)
def down_middle(self): (source)
def up_middle(self): (source)
def down_right(self): (source)
def up_right(self): (source)
def move(self, x, y): (source)
def state_initial(self, byte): (source)
def state_horiz(self, byte): (source)
def state_vert(self, byte): (source)
def state_maybemiddle(self, byte): (source)
def snapshot(self): (source)
def dataReceived(self, data): (source)
Called whenever data is received.

Use this method to translate to a higher-level message. Usually, some callback will be made upon the receipt of each complete protocol message.

Parametersdataa string of indeterminate length. Please keep in mind that you will probably need to buffer some data, as partial (or multiple) protocol messages may be received! I recommend that unit tests for protocols call through to this method with differing chunk sizes, down to one byte at a time.
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