t.p.c.NamedConstant(_Constant) : class documentation

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NamedConstant defines an attribute to be a named constant within a collection defined by a Names subclass.

NamedConstant is only for use in the definition of Names subclasses. Do not instantiate NamedConstant elsewhere and do not subclass it.

Inherited from _Constant:

Instance Variable name A str giving the name of this constant; only set once the constant is initialized by _ConstantsContainer.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __repr__ Return text identifying both which constant this is and which collection it belongs to.
Instance Variable _index A int allocated from a shared counter in order to keep track of the order in which _Constants are instantiated.
Instance Variable _container The _ConstantsContainer subclass this constant belongs to; None until the constant is initialized by that subclass.
Method _realize Complete the initialization of this _Constant.
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