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XMPP Component Server factory.

This factory accepts XMPP external component connections and makes the router service route traffic for a component's bound domain to that component.

Present Since8.2
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method onConnectionMade Called when a component connection was made.
Method onAuthenticated Called when a component has succesfully authenticated.
Method onError Undocumented
Method onConnectionLost Undocumented

Inherited from XmlStreamServerFactory:

Instance Variable authenticatorFactory Factory callable that takes no arguments, to create a fresh authenticator to be associated with the XmlStream.
Method buildProtocol Create an instance of XmlStream.

Inherited from BootstrapMixin (via XmlStreamServerFactory):

Instance Variable bootstraps The list of registered bootstrap event observers.
Method installBootstraps Install registered bootstrap observers.
Method addBootstrap Add a bootstrap event handler.
Method removeBootstrap Remove a bootstrap event handler.

Inherited from Factory (via XmlStreamServerFactory, ServerFactory):

Class Method forProtocol Create a factory for the given protocol.
Method logPrefix Describe this factory for log messages.
Method doStart Make sure startFactory is called.
Method doStop Make sure stopFactory is called.
Method startFactory This will be called before I begin listening on a Port or Connector.
Method stopFactory This will be called before I stop listening on all Ports/Connectors.
def __init__(self, router, secret='secret'): (source)
def onConnectionMade(self, xs): (source)
Called when a component connection was made.

This enables traffic debugging on incoming streams.

def onAuthenticated(self, xs): (source)
Called when a component has succesfully authenticated.

Add the component to the routing table and establish a handler for a closed connection.

def onError(self, reason): (source)
def onConnectionLost(self, destination, xs, reason): (source)
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