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Known subclasses: twisted.words.protocols.jabber.client.BasicAuthenticator, twisted.words.protocols.jabber.client.XMPPAuthenticator, twisted.words.protocols.jabber.component.ConnectComponentAuthenticator

Authenticator for initiating entities.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method connectionMade Called by the XmlStream when the underlying socket connection is in place.
Method initializeStream Perform stream initialization procedures.
Method streamStarted Called by the XmlStream when the stream has started.

Inherited from Authenticator:

Instance Variable xmlstream The XmlStream that needs authentication (type: XmlStream)
Method associateWithStream Called by the XmlStreamFactory when a connection has been made to the requested peer, and an XmlStream object has been instantiated.
def __init__(self, otherHost): (source)
def connectionMade(self): (source)
Called by the XmlStream when the underlying socket connection is in place.

This allows the Authenticator to send an initial root element, if it's connecting, or wait for an inbound root from the peer if it's accepting the connection.

Subclasses can use self.xmlstream.send() to send any initial data to the peer.

def initializeStream(self): (source)
Perform stream initialization procedures.

An XmlStream holds a list of initializer objects in its initializers attribute. This method calls these initializers in order and dispatches the STREAM_AUTHD_EVENT event when the list has been successfully processed. Otherwise it dispatches the INIT_FAILED_EVENT event with the failure.

Initializers may return the special Reset object to halt the initialization processing. It signals that the current initializer was successfully processed, but that the XML Stream has been reset. An example is the TLSInitiatingInitializer.

def streamStarted(self, rootElement): (source)
Called by the XmlStream when the stream has started.

This extends Authenticator.streamStarted to extract further stream headers from rootElement, optionally wait for stream features being received and then call initializeStream.

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