*S*mall, *U*ncomplicated *X*ML.

This is a very simple implementation of XML/HTML as a network protocol. It is not at all clever. Its main features are that it does not:

  • support namespaces
  • mung mnemonic entity references
  • validate
  • perform *any* external actions (such as fetching URLs or writing files) under *any* circumstances
  • has lots and lots of horrible hacks for supporting broken HTML (as an option, they're not on by default).
Function nop Do nothing.
Function unionlist Undocumented
Function zipfndict Undocumented
Function prefixedMethodClassDict Undocumented
Function prefixedMethodObjDict Undocumented
Class ParseError Undocumented
Class XMLParser No class docstring; 10/55 methods documented
def nop(*args, **kw): (source)

Do nothing.

def unionlist(*args): (source)
def zipfndict(*args, **kw): (source)
def prefixedMethodClassDict(clazz, prefix): (source)
def prefixedMethodObjDict(obj, prefix): (source)
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