Handling of RSA, DSA, and EC keys.

Class BadKeyError Raised when a key isn't what we expected from it.
Class EncryptedKeyError Raised when an encrypted key is presented to fromString/fromFile without a password.
Class BadFingerPrintFormat Raises when unsupported fingerprint formats are presented to fingerprint.
Class FingerprintFormats Constants representing the supported formats of key fingerprints.
Class Key No summary
Function _getPersistentRSAKey This function returns a persistent Key.
def _getPersistentRSAKey(location, keySize=4096): (source)

This function returns a persistent Key.

The key is loaded from a PEM file in location. If it does not exist, a key with the key size of keySize is generated and saved.

ParameterslocationWhere the key is stored. (type: twisted.python.filepath.FilePath)
keySizeThe size of the key, if it needs to be generated. (type: int)
ReturnsA persistent key. (type: Key)
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