Implements interfaces: twisted.internet.interfaces.IStreamClientEndpoint

SSL secured TCP client endpoint with an IPv4 configuration

Method __init__
Method connect Implement IStreamClientEndpoint.connect to connect with SSL over TCP.
def __init__(self, reactor, host, port, sslContextFactory, timeout=30, bindAddress=None): (source)
ParametersreactorAn IReactorSSL provider.
hostA hostname, used when connecting (type: str)
portThe port number, used when connecting (type: int)
sslContextFactorySSL Configuration information as an instance of interfaces.IOpenSSLContextFactory.
timeoutNumber of seconds to wait before assuming the connection has failed. (type: int)
bindAddressA (host, port) tuple of local address to bind to, or None. (type: tuple)
def connect(self, protocolFactory): (source)
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