Known implementations: twisted.internet._resolver.GAIResolver, twisted.internet._resolver.SimpleResolverComplexifier, twisted.internet.endpoints._SimpleHostnameResolver

An IHostnameResolver can resolve a host name and port number into a series of IAddress objects.

Present SinceTwisted 17.1.0
Method resolveHostName Initiate a hostname resolution.
def resolveHostName(resolutionReceiver, hostName, portNumber=0, addressTypes=None, transportSemantics='TCP'): (source)

Initiate a hostname resolution.

ParametersresolutionReceiveran object that will receive each resolved address as it arrives. (type: IResolutionReceiver)
hostNameThe name of the host to resolve. If this contains non-ASCII code points, they will be converted to IDNA first. (type: unicode)
portNumberThe port number that the returned addresses should include. (type: int greater than or equal to 0 and less than 65536)
addressTypesAn iterable of implementors of IAddress that are acceptable values for resolutionReceiver to receive to its addressResolved. In practice, this means an iterable containing twisted.internet.address.IPv4Address, twisted.internet.address.IPv6Address, both, or neither. (type: of type)
transportSemanticsA string describing the semantics of the transport; either 'TCP' for stream-oriented transports or 'UDP' for datagram-oriented; see twisted.internet.address.IPv6Address.type and twisted.internet.address.IPv4Address.type. (type: native str)
ReturnsThe resolution in progress. (type: IResolutionReceiver)
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