News server backend implementations.

Function hexdigest Undocumented
Class Article Undocumented
Class NewsServerError Undocumented
Interface INewsStorage An interface for storing and requesting news articles
Class NewsStorage Backwards compatibility class -- There is no reason to inherit from this, just implement INewsStorage instead.
Class PickleStorage A trivial NewsStorage implementation using pickles
Class Group Undocumented
Class NewsShelf A NewStorage implementation using Twisted's dirdbm persistence module.
Class NewsStorageAugmentation A NewsStorage implementation using Twisted's asynchronous DB-API
Function makeGroupSQL Undocumented
Function makeOverviewSQL Undocumented
Class _ModerationMixin Storage implementations can inherit from this class to get the easy-to-use notifyModerators method which will take care of sending messages which require moderation to a list of moderators.
def hexdigest(md5): (source)
def makeGroupSQL(groups): (source)
def makeOverviewSQL(): (source)
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