A shortcut on Win32.

Method __init__ No summary
Method load Read a shortcut file from disk.
Method save Write the shortcut to disk.
Method __getattr__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, path=None, arguments=None, description=None, workingdir=None, iconpath=None, iconidx=0): (source)
ParameterspathLocation of the target
argumentsIf path points to an executable, optional arguments to pass
descriptionHuman-readable description of target
workingdirDirectory from which target is launched
iconpathFilename that contains an icon for the shortcut
iconidxIf iconpath is set, optional index of the icon desired
def load(self, filename): (source)

Read a shortcut file from disk.

def save(self, filename): (source)

Write the shortcut to disk.

The file should be named something.lnk.

def __getattr__(self, name): (source)
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