This class is deprecated. Please simply use Agent as-is, or if you want to customize something, use BrowserLikePolicyForHTTPS.

A WebClientContextFactory is an HTTPS policy which totally ignores the hostname and port. It performs basic certificate verification, however the lack of validation of service identity (e.g. hostname validation) means it is still vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. Don't use it any more.

Method getContext Return an OpenSSL.SSL.Context.
Method _getCertificateOptions Return a CertificateOptions.
def _getCertificateOptions(self, hostname, port): (source)

Return a CertificateOptions.

ReturnsA new CertificateOptions instance. (type: CertificateOptions)
def getContext(self, hostname, port): (source)

Return an OpenSSL.SSL.Context.

ReturnsA new SSL context. (type: OpenSSL.SSL.Context)
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