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Function basicClientFactory Undocumented
Class IQ Wrapper for a Info/Query packet.
Class IQAuthInitializer Non-SASL Authentication initializer for the initiating entity.
Class BasicAuthenticator Authenticates an XmlStream against a Jabber server as a Client.
Class CheckVersionInitializer Initializer that checks if the minimum common stream version number is 1.0.
Class BindInitializer Initializer that implements Resource Binding for the initiating entity.
Class SessionInitializer Initializer that implements session establishment for the initiating entity.
Function XMPPClientFactory Client factory for XMPP 1.0 (only).
Class XMPPAuthenticator Initializes an XmlStream connecting to an XMPP server as a Client.
def basicClientFactory(jid, secret): (source)
def XMPPClientFactory(jid, password, configurationForTLS=None): (source)

Client factory for XMPP 1.0 (only).

This returns a xmlstream.XmlStreamFactory with an XMPPAuthenticator object to perform the stream initialization steps (such as authentication).

ParametersjidJabber ID to connect with. (type: jid.JID)
passwordpassword to authenticate with. (type: unicode)
configurationForTLSAn object which creates appropriately configured TLS connections. This is passed to startTLS on the transport and is preferably created using twisted.internet.ssl.optionsForClientTLS. If None, the default is to verify the server certificate against the trust roots as provided by the platform. See twisted.internet._sslverify.platformTrust. (type: IOpenSSLClientConnectionCreator or None)
ReturnsXML stream factory. (type: xmlstream.XmlStreamFactory)
See AlsoThe notes at XMPPAuthenticator describe how the jid and password parameters are to be used.
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