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class twisted.internet._pollingfile._PollableReadPipe(_PollableResource): (source)

Implements interfaces: twisted.internet.interfaces.IPushProducer

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Method __init__ Undocumented
Instance Variable pipe Undocumented
Instance Variable receivedCallback Undocumented
Instance Variable lostCallback Undocumented
Method checkWork Undocumented
Method cleanup Undocumented
Method close Undocumented
Method stopProducing Stop producing data.
Method pauseProducing Pause producing data.
Method resumeProducing Resume producing data.

Inherited from _PollableResource:

Instance Variable active Undocumented
Method activate Undocumented
Method deactivate Undocumented
def __init__(self, pipe, receivedCallback, lostCallback): (source)


pipe = (source)


receivedCallback = (source)


lostCallback = (source)


def checkWork(self): (source)


def cleanup(self): (source)


def close(self): (source)


def stopProducing(self): (source)

Stop producing data.

This tells a producer that its consumer has died, so it must stop producing data for good.

def pauseProducing(self): (source)

Pause producing data.

Tells a producer that it has produced too much data to process for the time being, and to stop until resumeProducing() is called.

def resumeProducing(self): (source)

Resume producing data.

This tells a producer to re-add itself to the main loop and produce more data for its consumer.

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