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Exceptions and errors for use in twisted.internet modules.

Class BindError Undocumented
Class CannotListenError This gets raised by a call to startListening, when the object cannotstart listening.
Class MulticastJoinError An attempt to join a multicast group failed.
Class MessageLengthError Undocumented
Class DNSLookupError Undocumented
Class ConnectInProgressError A connect operation was started and isn't done yet.
Class ConnectError Undocumented
Class ConnectBindError Undocumented
Class UnknownHostError Undocumented
Class NoRouteError Undocumented
Class ConnectionRefusedError Undocumented
Class TCPTimedOutError Undocumented
Class BadFileError Undocumented
Class ServiceNameUnknownError Undocumented
Class UserError Undocumented
Class TimeoutError Undocumented
Class SSLError Undocumented
Class VerifyError Undocumented
Class PeerVerifyError Undocumented
Class CertificateError Undocumented
Variable errnoMapping Undocumented
Function getConnectError Given a socket exception, return connection error.
Class ConnectionClosed Connection was closed, whether cleanly or non-cleanly.
Class ConnectionLost Undocumented
Class ConnectionAborted Connection was aborted locally, using twisted.internet.interfaces.ITCPTransport.abortConnection.
Class ConnectionDone Undocumented
Class FileDescriptorOverrun A mis-use of IUNIXTransport.sendFileDescriptor caused the connection to be closed.
Class ConnectionFdescWentAway Undocumented
Class AlreadyCalled Undocumented
Class AlreadyCancelled Undocumented
Class PotentialZombieWarning Emitted when IReactorProcess.spawnProcess is called in a way which may result in termination of the created child process not being reported.
Class ProcessDone Undocumented
Class ProcessTerminated No class docstring; 0/2 class variables, 0/3 instance variables, 1/1 methods documented
Class ProcessExitedAlready The process has already exited and the operation requested can no longer be performed.
Class NotConnectingError Undocumented
Class NotListeningError Undocumented
Class ReactorNotRunning Error raised when trying to stop a reactor which is not running.
Class ReactorNotRestartable Error raised when trying to run a reactor which was stopped.
Class ReactorAlreadyRunning Error raised when trying to start the reactor multiple times.
Class ReactorAlreadyInstalledError Could not install reactor because one is already installed.
Class ConnectingCancelledError An Exception that will be raised when an IStreamClientEndpoint is cancelled before it connects.
Class NoProtocol An Exception that will be raised when the factory given to a IStreamClientEndpoint returns None from buildProtocol.
Class UnsupportedAddressFamily An attempt was made to use a socket with an address family (eg AF_INET, AF_INET6, etc) which is not supported by the reactor.
Class UnsupportedSocketType An attempt was made to use a socket of a type (eg SOCK_STREAM, SOCK_DGRAM, etc) which is not supported by the reactor.
Class AlreadyListened An attempt was made to listen on a file descriptor which can only be listened on once.
Class InvalidAddressError An invalid address was specified (i.e. neither IPv4 or IPv6, or expected one and got the other).
errnoMapping = (source)


(type: dict)
def getConnectError(e): (source)

Given a socket exception, return connection error.

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