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class twisted.internet.interfaces.INegotiated(ISSLTransport): (source)

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A TLS based transport that supports using ALPN/NPN to negotiate the protocol to be used inside the encrypted tunnel.

Attribute negotiatedProtocol No summary

Inherited from ISSLTransport:

Method getPeerCertificate Return an object with the peer's certificate info.

Inherited from ITCPTransport (via ISSLTransport):

Method loseWriteConnection Half-close the write side of a TCP connection.
Method abortConnection Close the connection abruptly.
Method getTcpNoDelay Return if TCP_NODELAY is enabled.
Method setTcpNoDelay Enable/disable TCP_NODELAY.
Method getTcpKeepAlive Return if SO_KEEPALIVE is enabled.
Method setTcpKeepAlive Enable/disable SO_KEEPALIVE.
Method getHost Returns IPv4Address or IPv6Address.
Method getPeer Returns IPv4Address or IPv6Address.

Inherited from ITransport (via ISSLTransport, ITCPTransport):

Method write Write some data to the physical connection, in sequence, in a non-blocking fashion.
Method writeSequence Write an iterable of byte strings to the physical connection.
Method loseConnection Close my connection, after writing all pending data.
negotiatedProtocol = (source)

The protocol selected to be spoken using ALPN/NPN. The result from ALPN is preferred to the result from NPN if both were used. If the remote peer does not support ALPN or NPN, or neither NPN or ALPN are available on this machine, will be None. Otherwise, will be the name of the selected protocol as bytes. Note that until the handshake has completed this property may incorrectly return None: wait until data has been received before trusting it (see

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