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class twisted.internet.interfaces.IOpenSSLServerConnectionCreator(Interface): (source)

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A provider of IOpenSSLServerConnectionCreator can create OpenSSL.SSL.Connection objects for TLS servers.

See Alsotwisted.internet.ssl
NoteCreating OpenSSL connection objects is subtle, error-prone, and security-critical. Before implementing this interface yourself, consider using twisted.internet.ssl.CertificateOptions as your contextFactory. (For historical reasons, that class does not actually implement this interface; nevertheless it is usable in all Twisted APIs which require a provider of this interface.)
Method serverConnectionForTLS Create a connection for the given server protocol.
def serverConnectionForTLS(tlsProtocol): (source)

Create a connection for the given server protocol.

ParameterstlsProtocolUndocumented (type: TLSMemoryBIOProtocol)
Returnsan OpenSSL connection object configured appropriately for the given Twisted protocol. (type: OpenSSLConnection)
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