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class twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorFromThreads(Interface): (source)

Known subclasses: twisted.internet.interfaces.IReactorThreads

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This interface is the set of thread-safe methods which may be invoked on the reactor from other threads.

Present Since15.4
Method callFromThread Cause a function to be executed by the reactor thread.
def callFromThread(callable, *args, **kwargs): (source)

Cause a function to be executed by the reactor thread.

Use this method when you want to run a function in the reactor's thread from another thread. Calling callFromThread should wake up the main thread (where is executing) and run the given callable in that thread.

If you're writing a multi-threaded application the callable may need to be thread safe, but this method doesn't require it as such. If you want to call a function in the next mainloop iteration, but you're in the same thread, use callLater with a delay of 0.

ParameterscallableUndocumented (type: Callable[..., Any])
argsUndocumented (type: object)
kwargsUndocumented (type: object)
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