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A kqueue()/kevent() based implementation of the Twisted main loop.

To use this reactor, start your application specifying the kqueue reactor:

   twistd --reactor kqueue ...

To install the event loop from code (and you should do this before any connections, listeners or connectors are added):

   from twisted.internet import kqreactor
Variable KQ_EV_ADD Undocumented
Variable KQ_EV_DELETE Undocumented
Variable KQ_EV_EOF Undocumented
Variable KQ_FILTER_READ Undocumented
Variable KQ_FILTER_WRITE Undocumented
Class KQueueReactor A reactor that uses kqueue(2)/kevent(2) and relies on Python 2.6 or higher which has built in support for kqueue in the select module.
Function install Install the kqueue() reactor.
Interface _IKQueue An interface for KQueue implementations.
KQ_EV_ADD = (source)


KQ_EV_DELETE = (source)


KQ_EV_EOF = (source)


KQ_FILTER_READ = (source)


KQ_FILTER_WRITE = (source)


def install(): (source)

Install the kqueue() reactor.

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