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class twisted.internet.unix.Port(_UNIXPort, tcp.Port): (source)

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Instance Variable lockFile Undocumented
Method __init__ Initialize with a numeric port to listen on.
Instance Variable mode Undocumented
Instance Variable wantPID Undocumented
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method startListening Create and bind my socket, and begin listening on it.
Instance Variable connected Undocumented
Instance Variable socket Undocumented
Instance Variable numberAccepts Undocumented
Method connectionLost Cleans up the socket.
Instance Variable _preexistingSocket Undocumented
Class Method _fromListeningDescriptor Create a new Port based on an existing listening SOCK_STREAM socket.
Method _buildAddr Undocumented
Method _logConnectionLostMsg Log message for closing socket

Inherited from _UNIXPort:

Method getHost Returns a UNIXAddress.

Inherited from Port:

Instance Variable deferred a deferred created when stopListening is called, and that will fire when connection is lost. This is not to be used it directly: prefer the deferred returned by stopListening instead.
Instance Variable disconnecting flag indicating that the stopListening method has been called and that no connections should be accepted anymore.
Instance Variable sessionno Undocumented
Instance Variable interface Undocumented
Instance Variable backlog Undocumented
Instance Variable port Undocumented
Instance Variable factory Undocumented
Instance Variable addressFamily Undocumented
Method createInternetSocket Undocumented
Method doRead Called when my socket is ready for reading.
Method loseConnection Stop accepting connections on this port.
Method logPrefix Returns the name of my class, to prefix log entries with.
Method getHost Return an IPv4Address or IPv6Address indicating the listening address of this port.
Instance Variable _type A string describing the connections which will be created by this port. Normally this is "TCP", since this is a TCP port, but when the TLS implementation re-uses this class it overrides the value with "TLS". Only used for logging.
Instance Variable _realPortNumber Undocumented
Class Variable _logger Undocumented
Instance Variable _addressType Undocumented
Instance Variable _shouldShutdown Undocumented

Inherited from BasePort (via Port):

Class Variable socketType Undocumented
Method doWrite Raises a RuntimeError

Inherited from FileDescriptor (via Port, BasePort):

Instance Variable disconnected Undocumented
Instance Variable dataBuffer Undocumented
Instance Variable offset Undocumented
Class Variable SEND_LIMIT Undocumented
Instance Variable reactor Undocumented
Instance Variable producer Undocumented
Method writeSomeData Write as much as possible of the given data, immediately.
Instance Variable producerPaused Undocumented
Method writeConnectionLost Undocumented
Method readConnectionLost Undocumented
Method getPeer Undocumented
Method write Reliably write some data.
Method writeSequence Reliably write a sequence of data.
Method loseWriteConnection Undocumented
Method stopReading Stop waiting for read availability.
Method stopWriting Stop waiting for write availability.
Method startReading Start waiting for read availability.
Method startWriting Start waiting for write availability.
Class Variable bufferSize Undocumented
Method stopConsuming Stop consuming data.
Method resumeProducing Undocumented
Method pauseProducing Undocumented
Method stopProducing Undocumented
Method fileno File Descriptor number for select().
Instance Variable _writeDisconnecting Undocumented
Instance Variable _writeDisconnected Undocumented
Instance Variable _tempDataBuffer Undocumented
Instance Variable _tempDataLen Undocumented
Method _postLoseConnection Called after a loseConnection(), when all data has been written.
Method _closeWriteConnection Undocumented
Method _isSendBufferFull Determine whether the user-space send buffer for this transport is full or not.
Method _maybePauseProducer Possibly pause a producer, if there is one and the send buffer is full.

Inherited from _ConsumerMixin (via Port, BasePort, FileDescriptor):

Instance Variable streamingProducer bool or int
Method registerProducer Register to receive data from a producer.
Method unregisterProducer Stop consuming data from a producer, without disconnecting.

Inherited from _LogOwner (via Port, BasePort, FileDescriptor):

Method _getLogPrefix Determine the log prefix to use for messages related to applicationObject, which may or may not be an interfaces.ILoggingContext provider.

Inherited from _SocketCloser (via Port):

Method _closeSocket Undocumented
lockFile = (source)


def __init__(self, fileName, factory, backlog=50, mode=438, reactor=None, wantPID=0): (source)

Initialize with a numeric port to listen on.

mode = (source)


wantPID = (source)


_preexistingSocket = (source)
def _fromListeningDescriptor(cls, reactor, fd, factory): (source)

Create a new Port based on an existing listening SOCK_STREAM socket.

Arguments are the same as to Port.__init__, except where noted.

fdAn integer file descriptor associated with a listening socket. The socket must be in non-blocking mode. Any additional attributes desired, such as FD_CLOEXEC, must also be set already.
ReturnsA new instance of cls wrapping the socket given by fd.
def __repr__(self): (source)


ReturnsUndocumented (type: str)
def _buildAddr(self, name): (source)


def startListening(self): (source)

Create and bind my socket, and begin listening on it.

This is called on unserialization, and must be called after creating a server to begin listening on the specified port.

connected = (source)


(type: bool)
socket = (source)


numberAccepts = (source)


(type: int)
def _logConnectionLostMsg(self): (source)

Log message for closing socket

def connectionLost(self, reason): (source)

Cleans up the socket.

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