module documentation

Form-based method objects.

This module contains support for descriptive method signatures that can be used to format methods.

Class FormException An error occurred calling the form method.
Class InputError An error occurred with some input.
Class Argument Base class for form arguments.
Class String A single string.
Class Text A long string.
Class Password A string which should be obscured when input.
Class VerifiedPassword A string that should be obscured when input and needs verification.
Class Hidden A string which is not displayed.
Class Integer A single integer.
Class IntegerRange Undocumented
Class Float Undocumented
Class Choice No summary
Class Flags No summary
Class CheckGroup Undocumented
Class RadioGroup Undocumented
Class Boolean Undocumented
Class File Undocumented
Function positiveInt Undocumented
Class Date A date -- (year, month, day) tuple.
Class Submit Submit button or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
Class PresentationHint A hint to a particular system.
Class MethodSignature A signature of a callable.
Class FormMethod A callable object with a signature.
def positiveInt(x): (source)


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