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class twisted.spread.pb.RemoteCopy(Unjellyable): (source)

Known subclasses: twisted.spread.pb.CopiedFailure, twisted.spread.pb.RemoteCache, twisted.web.distrib.Request

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I am a remote copy of a Copyable object.

When the state from a Copyable object is received, an instance will be created based on the copy tags table (see setUnjellyableForClass) and sent the setCopyableState message. I provide a reasonable default implementation of that message; subclass me if you wish to serve as a copier for remote data.

NOTE: copiers are invoked with no arguments. Do not implement a constructor which requires args in a subclass of RemoteCopy!

Method setCopyableState I will be invoked with the state to copy locally.
Instance Variable __dict__ Undocumented
Method unjellyFor Perform the inverse operation of Jellyable.jellyFor.

Inherited from Unjellyable:

Method setStateFor Undocumented
def setCopyableState(self, state): (source)

I will be invoked with the state to copy locally.

'state' is the data returned from the remote object's 'getStateToCopyFor' method, which will often be the remote object's dictionary (or a filtered approximation of it depending on my peer's perspective).

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