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Method __init__ Undocumented
Method getPublicKeys Undocumented
Method getPublicKey Undocumented
Method _cbPublicKeys Undocumented

Inherited from SSHAgentClient:

Method dataReceived Called whenever data is received.
Method sendRequest Undocumented
Method requestIdentities
Method addIdentity Add a private key blob to the agent's collection of keys.
Method signData Blob is a public key whose private counterpart was previously added to the running agent. Return a signature for data using that key.
Method removeIdentity Remove the private key corresponding to the public key in blob from the running agent.
Method removeAllIdentities Remove all keys from the running agent.
Method _cbRequestIdentities Unpack a collection of identities into a list of tuples comprised of public key blobs and comments.
Method _cbSignData Undocumented

Inherited from Protocol (via SSHAgentClient):

Method connectionLost Called when the connection is shut down.

Inherited from BaseProtocol (via SSHAgentClient, Protocol):

Method makeConnection Make a connection to a transport and a server.
Method connectionMade Called when a connection is made.
def __init__(self): (source)
def getPublicKeys(self): (source)
def _cbPublicKeys(self, blobcomm): (source)
def getPublicKey(self): (source)
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