t.m.m.MaildirDirdbmDomain(AbstractMaildirDomain) : class documentation

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Implements interfaces: twisted.cred.portal.IRealm, twisted.mail.mail.IAliasableDomain

A Maildir Domain where membership is checked by a dirdbm file
Method __init__ Initialize
Method userDirectory Get the directory for a user
Method addUser Undocumented
Method getCredentialsCheckers Undocumented
Method requestAvatar Return avatar which provides one of the given interfaces.

Inherited from AbstractMaildirDomain:

Method setAliasGroup Undocumented
Method exists Check for existence of user in the domain
Method startMessage Save a message for a given user
Method willRelay Undocumented
def __init__(self, service, root, postmaster=0): (source)


The first argument is where the Domain directory is rooted. The second is whether non-existing addresses are simply forwarded to postmaster instead of outright bounce

The directory structure of a MailddirDirdbmDomain is:

/passwd <-- a dirdbm file /USER/{cur,new,del} <-- each user has these three directories
def userDirectory(self, name): (source)

Get the directory for a user

If the user exists in the dirdbm file, return the directory os.path.join(root, name), creating it if necessary. Otherwise, returns postmaster's mailbox instead if bounces go to postmaster, otherwise return None
def addUser(self, user, password): (source)
def getCredentialsCheckers(self): (source)
def requestAvatar(self, avatarId, mind, *interfaces): (source)
Return avatar which provides one of the given interfaces.
ParametersavatarIda string that identifies an avatar, as returned by ICredentialsChecker.requestAvatarId (via a Deferred). Alternatively, it may be twisted.cred.checkers.ANONYMOUS.
mindusually None. See the description of mind in Portal.login.
interfacesthe interface(s) the returned avatar should implement, e.g. IMailAccount. See the description of Portal.login.
Returnsa deferred which will fire a tuple of (interface, avatarAspect, logout), or the tuple itself. The interface will be one of the interfaces passed in the 'interfaces' argument. The 'avatarAspect' will implement that interface. The 'logout' object is a callable which will detach the mind from the avatar.
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