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Support for python object introspection and exploration.

Note that Explorers, what with their list of attributes, are much like manhole.coil.Configurables. Someone should investigate this further. (TODO)

Also TODO: Determine how much code in here (particularly the function signature stuff) can be replaced with functions available in the inspect module available in Python 2.1.
Class Pool Undocumented
Class Explorer Undocumented
Class ExplorerGeneric Undocumented
Class ExplorerImmutable Undocumented
Class ExplorerSequence Undocumented
Class ExplorerMapping Undocumented
Class ExplorerBuiltin
Class ExplorerInstance Attribute groups: - methods -- dictionary of methods - data -- dictionary of data members
Class ExplorerClass No summary
Class ExplorerFunction Undocumented
Class ExplorerMethod Undocumented
Class ExplorerModule
Class Signature I represent the signature of a callable.
Class CRUFT_WatchyThingie No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class _WatchMonkey I hang on a method and tell you what I see.
Class _MonkeysSetattrMixin A mix-in class providing __setattr__ for objects being watched.
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