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An Authority that loads BIND configuration files
Method loadFile Undocumented
Method stripComments Undocumented
Method collapseContinuations Undocumented
Method parseLines Undocumented
Method addRecord Undocumented
Method class_IN Undocumented
Method parseRecordLine Undocumented

Inherited from FileAuthority:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __setstate__ Undocumented
Method lookupZone
Method _lookup Undocumented
Method _cbAllRecords Undocumented

Inherited from ResolverBase (via FileAuthority):

Method query Undocumented
Method lookupAddress
Method lookupIPV6Address
Method lookupAddress6
Method lookupMailExchange
Method lookupNameservers
Method lookupCanonicalName
Method lookupMailBox
Method lookupMailGroup
Method lookupMailRename
Method lookupPointer
Method lookupAuthority
Method lookupNull
Method lookupWellKnownServices
Method lookupService
Method lookupHostInfo
Method lookupMailboxInfo
Method lookupText
Method lookupResponsibility
Method lookupAFSDatabase
Method lookupNamingAuthorityPointer
Method lookupAllRecords
Method getHostByName
Method _cbRecords Undocumented
def loadFile(self, filename): (source)
def stripComments(self, lines): (source)
def collapseContinuations(self, lines): (source)
def parseLines(self, lines): (source)
def addRecord(self, owner, ttl, type, domain, cls, rdata): (source)
def class_IN(self, ttl, type, domain, rdata): (source)
def parseRecordLine(self, origin, ttl, line): (source)
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