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Asynchronous-friendly error mechanism.

See Failure.
Class DefaultException Undocumented
Function format_frames Format and write frames.
Class NoCurrentExceptionError Raised when trying to create a Failure from the current interpreter exception state and there is no current exception state.
Class Failure A basic abstraction for an error that has occurred.
Function startDebugMode Enable debug hooks for Failures.
Class _Traceback Fake traceback object which can be passed to functions in the standard library traceback module.
Class _Frame A fake frame object, used by _Traceback.
Class _Code A fake code object, used by _Traceback via _Frame.
Function _debuginit Undocumented
def format_frames(frames, write, detail='default'): (source)
Format and write frames.
Parametersframesis a list of frames as used by Failure.frames, with each frame being a list of (funcName, fileName, lineNumber, locals.items(), globals.items()) (type: list )
writethis will be called with formatted strings. (type: callable )
detailThree detail levels are available: default, brief, and verbose. (type: string )
def _debuginit(self, exc_value=None, exc_type=None, exc_tb=None, Failure__init__=Failure.__init__.im_func): (source)
def startDebugMode(): (source)
Enable debug hooks for Failures.
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