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A One-Time Password System based on RFC 2289

The class Authenticator contains the hashing-logic, and the parser for the readable output. It also contains challenge which returns a string describing the authentication scheme for a client.

OTP is a password container for an user on a server.

NOTE: Does not take care of transmitting the shared secret password.

At the end there's a dict called dict which is dictionary contain 2048 words for storing pronouncable 11-bit values. Taken from RFC 1760.

Uses the MD5- and SHA-algorithms for hashing

Todo: RFC2444, SASL (perhaps), parsing hex-responses
Function stringToLong Convert digest to long
Function stringToDWords Convert digest to a list of four 32-bits words
Function longToString Convert long to digest
Class Unauthorized the Unauthorized exception
Class OTPAuthenticator A One Time Password System
Class OTP An automatic version of the OTP-Authenticator
def stringToLong(s): (source)
Convert digest to long
def stringToDWords(s): (source)
Convert digest to a list of four 32-bits words
def longToString(l): (source)
Convert long to digest
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