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Method initialize Hook for subclasses to initialize themselves without having to mess with the __init__ chain.
Method wmfactory_description Undocumented

Inherited from MethodModel (via FormDisplayModel):

Method submodelCheck Allow any submodel for which I have a submodel.
Method submodelFactory Call a wmfactory_name method on this model.
Method getSubmodel Get the submodel `name' of this model. If I ever return a Deferred, then I ought to check for cached values (created by setSubmodel) before doing a regular Deferred lookup.

Inherited from Model (via FormDisplayModel, MethodModel):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method invalidateCache Invalidate the cache for this object, so the next time getData is called, it's getter method is called again.
Method addView Add a view for the model to keep track of.
Method addSubview Undocumented
Method removeView Remove a view that the model no longer should keep track of.
Method setGetter Undocumented
Method setSetter Undocumented
Method notify No summary
Method lookupSubmodel Look up a full submodel name. I will split on `/' and call getSubmodel on each element in the 'path'.
Method setSubmodel No summary
Method dataWillChange Undocumented
Method getData Return the raw data contained by this Model object, if it is a wrapper. If not, return self.
Method setData No summary
def initialize(self, fmethod, args, err): (source)
Hook for subclasses to initialize themselves without having to mess with the __init__ chain.
def wmfactory_description(self, request): (source)
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