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Resource protection for Woven. If you wish to use twisted.cred to protect your Woven application, you are probably most interested in UsernamePasswordWrapper.
Class GuardSession A user's session with a system.
Function urlToChild Undocumented
Function redirectToSession Undocumented
Class SessionWrapper Undocumented
Function getResource Undocumented
Class UsernamePasswordWrapper I bring a twisted.cred Portal to the web. Use me to provide different Resources (usually entire pages) based on a user's authentication details.
Function _sessionCookie Undocumented
Function _setSession Undocumented
def _sessionCookie(): (source)
def _setSession(wrap, req, cook): (source)
def urlToChild(request, *ar, **kw): (source)
def redirectToSession(request, garbage): (source)
def getResource(resource, path, request): (source)
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