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An InputHandler for a <form> tag, for triggering a function when all of the form's individual inputs have been validated. Also for use gathering a dict of arguments to pass to a parent's aggregateValid if no commit function is passed.

Usage example:
   <form controller="theForm" action="">
       <input controller="Integer" 
           view="InputText" model="anInteger" />
       <input controller="Anything" 
           view="InputText" model="aString" />
       <input type="submit" />
   def theCommitFunction(anInteger=None, aString=None):
       '''Note how the keyword arguments match up with the leaf model
       names above
       print "Yay", anInteger, aString
   class CMyController(controller.Controller):
       def wcfactory_theForm(self, request, node, m):
           return input.FormAggregator(m, commit=theCommitFunction)
Method aggregateValid Aggregate valid input from inputhandlers below us, into a dictionary.
Method aggregateInvalid By default we just pass this method call all the way up to the root Controller.
Method exit This is the node complete message

Inherited from Anything:

Method check Check whether the input in the request is valid for this handler and return a boolean indicating validity.

Inherited from SingleValue (via Anything):

Method getInput Return the data associated with this handler from the request, if any.

Inherited from InputHandler (via Anything, SingleValue):

Method __init__ Initialize.
Method initialize Undocumented
Method setNode Undocumented
Method handle By default, we don't do anything
Method dispatchCheckResult Undocumented
Method handleValid It has been determined that the input for this handler is valid; however, that does not mean the entire form is valid.
Method handleInvalid Once it has been determined that the input is invalid, we should tell our view to report this fact to the user.
Method commit It has been determined that the input for the entire form is completely valid; it is now safe for all handlers to commit changes to the model.

Inherited from Controller (via Anything, SingleValue, InputHandler):

Method setupControllerStack Undocumented
Method importControllerLibrary No summary
Method getSubcontroller Look for a controller named "controllerName" to handle the node "node". When a node <div controller="foo" /> is present in the template, this method will be called with controllerName set to "foo".
Method setSubcontrollerFactory Set the callable "factory", which takes a model and should return an InputHandler, to be called by the default implementation of getSubview when the controllerName "name" is present in the template.
Method setView Set the view that this controller is related to.
Method setUp
Method getChild No summary
Method getDynamicChild No summary
Method wchild_index By default, we return ourself as the index. Override this to provide different behavior for a URL that ends in a slash.
Method render No summary
Method makeView Undocumented
Method renderView Undocumented
Method gatheredControllers Undocumented
Method process Undocumented
Method setSubmodel Undocumented
Method domChanged Undocumented
Method pageRenderComplete Override this to recieve notification when the view rendering process is complete.

Inherited from Resource (via Anything, SingleValue, InputHandler, Controller):

Method listStaticNames Undocumented
Method listStaticEntities Undocumented
Method listNames Undocumented
Method listEntities Undocumented
Method listDynamicNames Undocumented
Method listDynamicEntities Undocumented
Method getStaticEntity Undocumented
Method getDynamicEntity Undocumented
Method delEntity Undocumented
Method reallyPutEntity Undocumented
Method getChildWithDefault Retrieve a static or dynamically generated child resource from me.
Method getChildForRequest Undocumented
Method putChild Register a static child.
Method render_HEAD Default handling of HEAD method.
def aggregateValid(self, request, inputhandler, data): (source)
Aggregate valid input from inputhandlers below us, into a dictionary.
def aggregateInvalid(self, request, inputhandler, data): (source)
By default we just pass this method call all the way up to the root Controller.
def exit(self, request): (source)
This is the node complete message
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