t.w.w.s.MarkAuthenticatedResource : class documentation

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Implements interfaces: twisted.web.resource.IResource

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method render No summary
Method getChildWithDefault No summary
def __init__(self, resource, name): (source)
def render(self, request): (source)
Render a request. This is called on the leaf resource for a request. Render must return either a string, which will be sent to the browser as the HTML for the request, or server.NOT_DONE_YET. If NOT_DONE_YET is returned, at some point later (in a Deferred callback, usually) call request.write("<html>") to write data to the request, and request.finish() to send the data to the browser.
def getChildWithDefault(self, path, request): (source)
Return a child with the given name for the given request. This is the external interface used by the Resource publishing machinery. If implementing IResource without subclassing Resource, it must be provided. However, if subclassing Resource, getChild overridden instead.
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