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Like a normal text widget, but it takes line breaks in the text and formats them as HTML paragraphs.
Method setUp Override this method to set up your Widget prior to generateDOM. This is a good place to call methods like add, insert, __setitem__ and __getitem__.

Inherited from Widget:

Method __init__
Method initialize Use this method instead of __init__ to initialize your Widget, so you don't have to deal with calling the __init__ of the superclass.
Method setSubmodel I use the submodel to know which attribute in self.model I am responsible for
Method getData I have a model; however since I am a widget I am only responsible for a portion of that model. This method returns the portion I am responsible for.
Method setData If the return value of getData is a Deferred, I am called when the result of the Deferred is available.
Method add Add `item' to the children of the resultant DOM Node of this widget.
Method appendChild Add `item' to the children of the resultant DOM Node of this widget.
Method insert Insert `item' at `index' in the children list of the resultant DOM Node of this widget.
Method setNode Set a node for this widget to use instead of creating one programatically. Useful for looking up a node in a template and using that.
Method cleanNode Do your part, prevent infinite recursion!
Method generate Allow a view to be used like a widget. Will look up the template file and return it in place of the incoming node.
Method setDataCallback Undocumented
Method generateDOM No summary
Method modelChanged Rerender this view, because our model has changed.
Method __setitem__ Convenience syntax for adding attributes to the resultant DOM Node of this widget.
Method __getitem__ Convenience syntax for getting an attribute from the resultant DOM Node of this widget.
Method setError No summary
Method getTopModel Get a reference to this page's top model object.
Method getAllPatterns Get all nodes below this one which have a matching pattern attribute.
Method getPattern Get a named slot from the incoming template node. Returns a copy of the node and all its children. If there was more than one node with the same slot identifier, they will be returned in a round-robin fashion.
Method addUpdateMethod No summary
Method addEventHandler No summary
Method onEvent Dispatch a client-side event to an event handler that was registered using addEventHandler.
Method _reset Undocumented
Method _regenerate Undocumented

Inherited from View (via Widget):

Method getChild Undocumented
Method getChildWithDefault No summary
Method setupAllStacks Undocumented
Method setupViewStack Undocumented
Method importViewLibrary No summary
Method render No summary
Method getTemplate Override this if you want to have your subclass look up its template using a different method.
Method lookupTemplate No summary
Method handleDocument Handle the root node, and send the page if there are no outstanding callbacks when it returns.
Method handleOutstanding Undocumented
Method recurseChildren If this node has children, handle them.
Method dispatchResult Check a given result from handling a node and look up a NodeMutator adapter which will convert the result into a node and insert it into the DOM tree. Return the new node.
Method setController Set the controller that this view is related to.
Method getNodeModel Get the model object associated with this node. If this node has a model= attribute, call getSubmodel on the current model object. If not, return the top of the model stack.
Method getNodeController Get a controller object to handle this node. If the node has no controller= attribute, first check to see if there is an IController adapter for our model.
Method getSubview Get a sub-view from me.
Method getNodeView Undocumented
Method handleNode Undocumented
Method handleControllerResults Handle a deferred from a controller.
Method handleNewNode Undocumented
Method sendPage Check to see if handlers recorded any errors before sending the page
Method setSubviewFactory Set the callable "factory", which takes a model and should return a Widget, to be called by the default implementation of getSubview when the viewName "name" is present in the template.
Method unlinkViews Undocumented
Method dispatchResultCallback Deal with a callback from a deferred, checking to see if it is ok to send the page yet or not.
Method renderFailure Undocumented
def setUp(self, request, node, data): (source)

Override this method to set up your Widget prior to generateDOM. This is a good place to call methods like add, insert, __setitem__ and __getitem__.

Overriding this method obsoletes overriding generateDOM directly, in most cases.
Parametersrequest (type: twisted.web.server.Request. )
nodeThe DOM node which this Widget is operating on.
dataThe Model data this Widget is meant to operate upon.
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