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A generic resource for publishing objects via XML-RPC.

Maintainer: Itamar Shtull-Trauring
Class NoSuchFunction There is no function by the given name.
Class Handler Handle a XML-RPC request and store the state for a request in progress.
Class XMLRPC A resource that implements XML-RPC.
Class XMLRPCIntrospection Implement the XML-RPC Introspection API.
Function addIntrospection Add Introspection support to an XMLRPC server.
Class QueryProtocol Undocumented
Class Proxy A Proxy for making remote XML-RPC calls.
Class _QueryFactory Undocumented
def addIntrospection(xmlrpc): (source)
Add Introspection support to an XMLRPC server.
ParametersxmlrpcThe xmlrpc server to add Introspection support to.
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