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Method __init__ Undocumented
Method oscar_01_07 Undocumented
Method oscar_0E_02 Undocumented
Method oscar_0E_03 Undocumented
Method oscar_0E_04 Undocumented
Method oscar_0E_06 Undocumented
Method sendMessage Undocumented
Method leaveChat Undocumented

Inherited from OSCARService:

Method connectionLost Called when the connection is shut down.
Method clientReady called when the client is ready to be online

Inherited from SNACBased (via OSCARService):

Method sendSNAC send a snac and wait for the response by returning a Deferred.
Method sendSNACnr send a snac, but don't bother adding a deferred, we don't care.
Method oscar_ Undocumented
Method oscar_Data Undocumented
Method oscar_unknown Undocumented
Method oscar_01_03 Undocumented
Method oscar_01_0A change of rate information.
Method oscar_01_18 host versions, in the same format as we sent
Method _ebDeferredError Undocumented

Inherited from OscarConnection (via OSCARService, SNACBased):

Method connectionMade Called when a connection is made.
Method sendFLAP Undocumented
Method readFlap Undocumented
Method dataReceived Called whenever data is received.
Method setKeepAlive Undocumented
Method sendKeepAlive Undocumented
Method stopKeepAlive Undocumented
Method disconnect send the disconnect flap, and sever the connection

Inherited from BaseProtocol (via OSCARService, SNACBased, OscarConnection, Protocol):

Method makeConnection Make a connection to a transport and a server.
def __init__(self, bos, cookie, d=None): (source)
def oscar_01_07(self, snac): (source)
def oscar_0E_02(self, snac): (source)
def oscar_0E_03(self, snac): (source)
def oscar_0E_04(self, snac): (source)
def oscar_0E_06(self, snac): (source)
def sendMessage(self, message): (source)
def leaveChat(self): (source)
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