t.i.p._Win32Waker(log.Logger, styles.Ephemeral) : class documentation

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I am a workaround for the lack of pipes on win32.

I am a pair of connected sockets which can wake up the main loop from another thread.
Method __init__ Initialize.
Method wakeUp Send a byte to my connection.
Method doRead Read some data from my connection.
Method connectionLost Undocumented

Inherited from Logger:

Method logPrefix Override this method to insert custom logging behavior. Its return value will be inserted in front of every line. It may be called more times than the number of output lines.

Inherited from Ephemeral:

Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method __setstate__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, reactor): (source)
def wakeUp(self): (source)
Send a byte to my connection.
def doRead(self): (source)
Read some data from my connection.
def connectionLost(self, reason): (source)
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