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A win32event based implementation of the Twisted main loop.

This requires win32all or ActivePython to be installed.

Maintainer: Itamar Shtull-Trauring

  1. WaitForMultipleObjects and thus the event loop can only handle 64 objects.
  2. Process running has some problems (see Process docstring).
  1. Event loop handling of writes is *very* problematic (this is causing failed tests). Switch to doing it the correct way, whatever that means (see below).
  2. Replace icky socket loopback waker with event based waker (use dummyEvent object)
  3. Switch everyone to using Free Software so we don't have to deal with proprietary APIs.
ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS: Or: The 2nd solution is probably what will get implemented.
Class Win32Reactor Reactor that uses Win32 event APIs.
Function install Undocumented
def install(): (source)
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